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Digital software

As the Turkey official distributor of Qlik, the innovative and leading company of the business intelligence industry, BI Technology provides services in software license sales, project implementation, technical support & maintenance, training and consultancy with its more than 20 years of experience in the business intelligence industry and its expert staff. Believing in growth with the business partnership ecosystem, BI Technology has a business partner network consisting of 40 institutions, each specialized in different fields.


Believing that business intelligence solutions should be for business units, the Qlik Business Discovery and Analysis Platform has focused on simplifying decision-making processes as much as possible, thus creating an alternative to the complex, cumbersome, difficult to manage and use approach of traditional business intelligence platforms. BI Technology offers the necessary process, methodology and technology consultant staff to the institutions it works with to serve within the framework of this vision.


BI Technology, among them Anadolu Sigorta, Assan Alüminyum, Tofaş, YKB, Odeabank, Turkcell Global Bilgi, İşbank, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, Ministry of Finance Strategy Development Department, Metlife Emeklilik,, THY, TEB and Successfully implemented more than 600 business intelligence projects involving institutions such as TTNet.



The parent company, Qlik, was founded in Sweden in 1993 and opened to the international market after 2001. Qlik's innovation-based business intelligence platform has played a role in changing the balance in the business intelligence industry, thanks to its patented technologies. An environment where anyone who can use a computer with a point & click approach in the industry can analyze, an In-Memory database that allows to process very large data sets in seconds, all analyzes can be performed in management cockpits with visual and proactive methods rather than classical reports, and At the same time, the fact that it was able to combine all topics such as OLAP, reporting, analysis, data integration, data federation, management cockpits in a single product has been one of the most important reasons why Qlik is among the leaders today with a completely new end-user experience.